Over the last few weeks things have really started to go my way. We’re inching away from the spawn and moving more into my comfort zone, post spawn power fishing. 3 weeks ago I fished a team tournament on Lay Lake with my good friend and Big Bite field staffer Chris Rutland. We won with 20lbs and had big fish 6.5lbs. More importantly we had fun doing it. Win or lose, I really enjoy fishing a few team tournaments a year with my ole buddy Chris. It just reminds that I need to always make sure I’m having fun no matter how big the tournament. We caught’em flippin a Yo’Daddy in Hematoma around the matted bank grass.

I spent the next week at Table Rock working a writers event for Big Bite, Sunline and Spro. All of the pro staffers including Kriet, Rojas and myself were there introducing new products, working on tip videos and magazine articles. I did some fun videos that will be on a new Gander Mountain website shortly. They had heard rumors that I could change the Gamakatsu treble hooks on my crankbait without a tool quicker than anyone on tour. I don’t know if it was the fastest ever but it was pretty quick. You’ll have to go to the Gander Mountain website and watch the video when it is up to see. We also gave a sneak peak of the new Big Bite Coontail worm (shown in the picture above) that will be in the stores very soon. I spent one afternoon out on the lake with one of the writers and we caught’em good on the Coontail. It’s an awesome C-rig bait and I think an even better flipping bait. It’s super soft and has a subtle action that is perfect for fishing around heavily pressured waters.

The following week was the Elite event at Bull Shoals Lake. That was one of the funnest tournaments that I’ve fished in a long time. I caught all of my fish there on the Coontail worm and a new crankbait from Spro called the Baby Papa. We were catching so many 2-3lbers, but a big fish was hard to come by. I flipped the Coontail in a bush and caught a 5lber on day one to keep me in the hunt. I was running and gunning the whole time and probably caught 30 keepers a day between the two baits. After a rough start in FL it felt pretty good to finish 27th and move up 16 places in the points. Next week will be the 4th Elite event on Douglas Lake in TN.  Most of the field have never been there before including myself.  I really do like going to new lakes because you don’t have too many preconceived notions of how and where you want to fish. My plan is to keep it simple and make my decisions based totally on the conditions. I’m due for a top 10 finish and even more for a win. I can feel the momentum gaining as we’re heading into the post spawn phase. The win is coming soon!  Russ Lane

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